Yes, we all love dogs, but we also love babies

We know. That’s someting new and completly different from what we normaly do, but we cannot resist.

All the dog lovers will surely agree that we call our dogs, our babies. And we call ourselfs as theirs moms and dads. And that is why we had to make one more step toward the real human parents of real human babies.

Halloween is just like any other fest. Everyone love it, but children especialy while they can “Treat or trick” all neighborhood. And with those outfits the treats will be so much richer and funnier.


Take a look choose something for your babies,  todlers and older children.


Baby What A Hoot Owl Costume
Baby Kids’ Baby Peacock Costume
Toddler Girls’ Strawberry Plush Vest


Minnie Mouse Baby Costume 12-18 months
Marvel’s Spiderman Deluxe Muscle Boys’ Costume
Marvel’s Iron Man Deluxe Toddler Costume