Halloween – not only for human

For all our lives we’r surrounded by all kinds of fests and celebrations.


It’s about faith, politics or supperstinions. We have fun, we dance, we laugh.We have new clothing, house accesorries but what about our pets?

Luckly nowadys we can buy practicly all we want and that applyies also our dogs and cats. We can give our pets a lot of toys, doggy teats and outfits that help them celebrate special ocasions with us almost as equals.

Naturally, the most popular are various outfits, starting from only simple bow tie and on full and complete overal ending.


Here are only few of manyu possible choises.


Star Wars Yoda Dog Headpiece Pet Costume
EV Halloween Pet Costume Accessories – L/XL, Brown
Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume


Jedi Robe Pet Costume
Star Wars Bantha Pet Costume – One Size Fits Most
Minion Pet Costume