What to do with the extra pounds we have gain during the Holiday time…

The Holidays is the time when we gather with our family and friends by the table fuel of delicios but also rich with calories food.

What should we do with couple of extra pounds after that time? Here you’ll find some tips.

1. First of all you don’t have to eat all the leftovers in two next days
If you have a lot of them, give most of them to the family members and friends who you were spending the Holidays with. The rest you can put in boxes and put to the freezer for later. Later you can defroste portions one at the time.
2. Eat more vegetables
During Holiday usually we eat more meat, goodies and treats, but when we go back to our regular cousine we should rise the amount of fiber. It’s good for our health and comfort.
3. Try to move a little more
I know. It’s hard when it’s cold and raining outside, but try go for a walk together with a friend or significant other. Together it will be easier and funnier.When the weather is really afoul you can do some excercise at home instead. Stepper or treadmill are also a good way to loose some Holiday fat.
4. If you really gained some extra pounds you need to loose them as soon as possible but do it naturally
It’s easy to understand that you want to loose those extra pounds as soon as possible but you need to do it carefully and smart. It means that the best way to do this is increasing the amount of fiber in your everyday diet and increasing the amount of burned calories during workout. If you do the workout regulary it should be longer and more challenging. If don’t do workout at all, it’s a perfect time to start or you’ll be worried of your figure when the summer begins.But what is the most important, all the work you need to do yourself. All the miracle pills that supposed to help you losse 20 pounds in 3 weeks are just pure lie and can pernamently damage your liver, heart and even kill you.
5. Find yourself a diet buddy
If you need to loose some of those Holiday pounds to it with a friend or family member you live with. Together you will help each other and support in the fight for health and wonderful figure.